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Arms dealers are raking in the dough



Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
For a few hours, Paris got a sample of the murderous rampage that's occurring all over the world.

At the same time, Beirut was mourning its 43 dead killed in a suicide bombing.

A few days ago 40 persons, including a child, were killed by a rocket attack by the Syrian government on a public market in Douma, East of Damas. The victims toll now reaches over 250,000 after 4 years.

It's this kind of horror refugees are fleeing. If France's cities were going through the same rampages as many countries, we'd have French knocking at our door to seek shelter. If we close our door to refugees because of our fear of having a few terrorists sneak through, they'll have won. Fear will prevail.

Arms dealers are raking in the profits from those conflicts. They despise diplomatic solutions and relish on military ones.

France has sold over 3 Billions$ US worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. The US saga in Irak has cost around 1 trillion$ US. Canada's sales were, 29 billions$ to "developing countries".

Think of what could have been done with that kind of money. Fighting poverty instead of the poor and making sure youth has more options than a career in a rebel group or a suicide bomber.


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